Healthy consumption A new trend Latin America?

We live in a momentous time for the planet. Without a doubt, climate change has not only opened our eyes to the damage we are causing to our earth but also to our bodies.

Kantar, an English consultancy, revealed that although in Latin America the regulations on healthy eating are not yet so clear, there is already a notable tendency on the part of Latino consumers to acquire “healthy habits”. Cecilia Alva, director of this consultancy, stated in an interview that “66% of people read the nutritional information that the products have on the labels because they are interested in knowing what they are eating and also, another 70% are choosing to reduce the amount of fat you eat (…) “

Are we close to a change in food consumption in households in Latin America? It is time then for brands to act and think about the authentic well-being of their consumers.

And we are not only talking about brands in the food sector. In general, all brands that want to maintain and transcend must adapt and join the healthy lifestyle that consumers are acquiring in this part of the world.

Source: Kantar, Portafolio.co

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