Optimize your measurements: 3 advices to take into account

Put your metrics in context:
Comparing your metrics with those of your competition, you will be able to know if your results are good or bad: In what position are your numbers with respect to those of the item? That will give you a clearer view of where you stand, what they are doing that you are not, and how you can adjust to improve your goals.

Don’t use isolated%:
Percentages alone do not communicate anything. When you present your metrics in%, put them together with a reference value: How much did your visits increase compared to last year? If last year you had 100k visits on your social networks, how much do we want to increase next year? This way you will have the complete picture of what you are doing. And when making decisions, everything will be easier for you.

Don’t wait for your campaign to finish, learn along the way:
If we stick to the manual, once a marketing campaign has been executed, one must wait for it to finish to see if it worked or not. In today’s world, not anymore. The digital campaigns of this decade offer you the ease of obtaining your data in real time. So if you see that something is not working, do not be afraid to change it and thus take better advantage of the investment. Let yourself go and wait, learn along the way.

Source: We Think Google

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