Defining spaces: There will not be adds in WhatsApp

Ads on WhatsApp are no more. At least for now. Since 2018, it was known of Mark Zuckerberg’s intention to introduce advertisements to WhatsApp statuses, as happens in Instagram stories. And it was expected that in 2020 it will become a reality.

However, according to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook would have dissolved the group of workers who were in charge of executing this task. Despite the fact that they had already tested ads in states last year with success, it is known that, from official statements, they want to focus on other tools.

What happened? It is not known for sure. What is certain is that after the bad year Facebook had in terms of its reputation for the Cambridge Analytica case, Zuckerberg seeks to focus on recovering the empathy and trust of users.

It is time to think that there is an already visible limit, where people are not willing to smile at him and give the ads a free pass, those who were already seeking to sneak in without subtlety in their most daily dialogues, in that intimate space that WhatsApp had already given us .

Source: El País

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