Where is a communication plan going today: 3 quick facts

Although a communication plan must be multi-channel, paying special attention to your content on digital platforms will make a difference. Why? because social networks threaten to dethrone traditional media such as TV and now definitely! In this 2020 alone, digital channels are expected to take two thirds of the investment pie in media. So digital mode on!

Learning and continuing to learn about the new communication technologies that come to light is like a commandment. The most important ones at the moment are search by voice control, artificial intelligence and the UX. What will come tomorrow? We must be vigilant. For now, learning about the use and implementation of these technologies that help us meet the most basic needs of our customers at an accessible price and quickly is crucial.

Now it is possible for us to know our target in greater depth and in real time through data. The pending task is to learn how to assertively monitor and manage these indicators in our favor. This undoubtedly makes creative work more strategic, analytical, and less intuitive. So let’s let the numbers do the talking and sing the insights into our ears.

New communication technologies, data and the leading role of digital platforms are, without a doubt, the 3 axes of today’s communication, if you always keep this in mind, your communication plan will thank you.

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